Association of Nigerian Academics UK

Why Nigerian Academics Association United Kingdom?

We believe that the time for the Associations and objectives has come. We want to institute and encourage best practice and excellence in educational establishments.

About Us 

Association of Nigerian Academics UK (ANAUK) is the leading professional association for scholars in the U.K. and in Nigeria dedicated to creating academic partnerships and bridges between two countries.


ANAUK was established in London in 2009 as a charity and a non-political organisation and exclusively for scientific, charitable, and educational purposes.




We aim to:


Increase flows of knowledge and innovation between the U.K. and Nigeria

Promote educational, scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between two countries

Promote sustainable academic connections and cooperation projects between Nigeria and the U.K.

Contribute to the development of next generation Nigerian and British academicians

Foster high quality connections and bonds of friendship between Nigerian and British academicians

Create an environment for dialogue to bridge partnerships and facilitate networking among Nigerian and British scholars

Foster deeper mutual understanding through educational and scientific exchange between Nigeria and the U.K.

Promote peace and cultural understanding through educational and academic exchange

Strengthen the British-Nigerian academic relationships as a vital component of Nigeria’s involvement in the EU

Promote enduring ties between Britain and Nigeria by contributing to a new generation of scholars and academic leaders interested in developing sustainable linkages and partnerships

Scope of Activities 


Link British and Nigerian universities through exchange programs, academic partnerships, and research collaboration

Develop bilateral learning and networking programmes (including professional development workshops, academic seminars, workshops, conferences) for academicians in the U.K. and in Nigeria

Invite guest speakers and offer luncheons and organise academic and professional gatherings to bring Nigerian and British academicians together

Organise campus visits, workshops, fairs, and academic events for universities, academicians, and academic leaders to create business partnerships

Provide assistance to British academicians who are interested in conducting research in or about Nigeria

Organise academic trips and travel programs for British academicians to visit Nigeria

Support research to stimulate knowledge exchange and flow of information between the U.K. and Nigeria

Enrich the professional development of ANAUK members through academic seminars, workshops, conferences, trips, and networking activities

Initiate and support academic scholarship and fellowship programs that target the best and brightest graduate students, researchers and academicians to work in the U.K. or in Nigeria



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Quick Contact Details

Registered Address

Registered Address

Association of Nigerian Academics UK
Coker Isah
74 Church Street
SE19 2EZ 8

Correspondence Address

Association of Nigerian Academics UK
8 Beatrice House
Bonham Road
London SW2 5HH


 Phone:  07956810310

Companies Registration Number: 07132817



Areas of Interest

We are primarily engaged with the European Union and Nigeria educational excellence, research and assistance