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Our mission statements are threefold

A total commitment to making and achieving appreciable impact in Nigeria’s education policy, by helping to introduce reform initiatives and by developing and contributing innovative ideas to Nigeria’s most pressing education problems at all levels. Our ultimate beneficiaries are Nigerian teachers, lecturers and students; and our crucial mission is to promote changes in policy and practice that combine value with improved opportunities for the education sector in Nigeria.

Our purpose is to create and promote an awareness of a safe and stimulating teaching and learning opportunities in order that teachers, lecturers and students across all levels of education in Nigeria will be able to interact and share ideas for quality educational offerings that provide a rewarding learning environment in schools, colleges and universities in Nigeria.

We are committed to working together as a team, and to respect opinions and views of members, and to encourage participation of all Nigerians working in education at all levels in the United Kingdom, with a view to sharing our professionally beneficial interests and opportunities in a manner that helps to support and uplift successful career of members.

About Us

Aims and Objectives:-

  • Attracting Experts and Academics of Nigerian origin in the Diaspora to work in collaboration with our colleagues in Nigeria.
  • To encourage temporary relocation to Nigeria
  • To encourage healthy movements of scholars
  • To encourage experts in Industry to participate in teaching & research.

Executive Members

Vice President/Legal Officer
Dr Bisi Adewole

Adedamola Aminu

Dr Toyin Coker -
General Secretary

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